Ashok Sai Kumar G

Assitant manager
May 10, 1994

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MBA 2015
Wisdom Collage
B 2012
Sanketh Collage
PUC 2010
BEM School

Work & Experience

Assistant manager September 3, 2021 - December 12, 2022

Handling the compliance testing team of 11 associates, assisting them in their goal setting, assigning their responsibilities, leave and performance management. • Reviewing the non-discriminating tests like ADP/ACP, 402G, 415c, plan limits, 414, top heavy testing. • Successfully helped in transition of compliance testing team from Vanguard to Infosys with zero escalations. • Interacting with plans sponsors to deliver required participants status for performing non- discriminating testing. • Reviewing plan sponsors engagement letters and compliance questioners for services they opted. • Reviewing the plan sponsors adoption agreement such as prototype, volume submitter and custom document. • Helping the plan sponsors on compliance aspects on merger and acquisition. • Handling control group and multiple employer plans. • Conducting domain based training all over the compensation and benefits teams • Reviewing plan sponsors participant details and resolving data file errors.

Senior Analyst April 1, 2020 - September 1, 2021

Worked under the Total Rewards team in 401k part • Handling the 401k accounts of US Walmart employees, answering the queries related to 401k accounts to the recordkeeper (Bank of America) and custodian (Northern trust) • Performed the trail balance reconciliation of custodian and record keeper’s trust statements. • Reviewing the transmission files such as hire, rehire, termination and eligible files which are sent to recordkeeper. • Reviewing the 401k eligibility for international transfer associates. • Verifying the saving rates elected by the associates to their 401k contributions. Updating the match eligibility dates and ensuring the match contribution is properly contributed into 401k accounts • Reviewing the quarterly distribution transaction of hardship Termination, in-service distributions like 59.5, hardship and 70.5 Distribution. • Providing the necessary paper works to the record keeper for auditing purpose. • Creating and running the SQL quarries to get the employees 401k account details from the database. • Helped the Walmart US employees on their compensation quarries

Analyst September 1, 2018 - April 1, 2020

Worked for Retirement services (401k) process for define contributions under the ERISA. • Handled three queues i.e Corrective Distributions, Audit sample, and Deposit forfeiture. • Performed non-discriminating tests such as ADP, ACP and 402g to ensure the qualified status of the plan • Corrective Distributions:- disbursing the violation amount which comes after non- discriminating tests (ADP, ACP, 402g, 415c) and calculating the earnings for that violations amount. • Audit sample: - providing the required documents for each transaction for auditing purpose, this will includes Distributions, Loans and rollover transactions. • Distributions include Termination, in-service distributions like 59.5, hardship and 70.5 Distribution. • Deposit forfeiture: - Depositing the checks into forfeiture account. • Getting trained on the sub processes like Audit sampling and deposit forfeiture. • Managing the flow of day-to-day operations.

Associate April 1, 2015 - January 1, 2018

Dealt with Annuity and individual Retirement accounts under the policy enquiry team. • Assisting US clients by servicing their annuity and Retirement accounts. • Providing the details which are requested by IFA’s on behalf of clients on their policies. • Accurately process client request on multiple retirement plans (IRA’s, Qualified and non qualified plans). • Dealt with different types of contributions like Roth, Pretax, After tax, Catch up, and employer contributions. • Worked as quality checker to approve/Reject the processed transaction. • Helped in process transaction from Pune to Hyderabad. • Involved in Preparing the SOP, Training documents, Update trackers, scenario trackers. • Involved in providing the process training to the new


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Six Sigma


ASPPA 2021

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